From Blueprint to Prototype

The Beginning

The first appearance of a genuine AUTO UNION Grand Prix car, after WWII, happened at the Nürburgring on August 11th 1979. It was an AUTO UNION 3 ltr., type D that had been used in pre war times, by the dealers, for exhibition purposes. In 1974 it was imported from Czechoslovakia into Germany by Hubertus Count Dönhoff.
Martin Schroeder discovered the original two stage supercharged engine in Eastern Germany, (then called German Democratic Repuplic).The engine was smuggled out of Eastern Germany so that the Type D could be completed and brought back to life.

At that time the car was owned by the American, Kerry Payne. Schroeder & Weise had an exclusive agreement to display the car in Germany at the Grand Opening of their new book and automobilia shop in Hannover, Germany.

One of the enthusiasts admiring the car was Italian, Carlo Villanova. Mr Villanova put Schroeder & Weise in touch with Carlo Brianza, the famous italian model builder of the eighties, and the only one capable of a small series of high quality models.

Schroeder & Weise commissioned Brianza to build a series of 25 copies in his preferred 1:10 scale.

In 1982, following two years of development, Schroeder & Weise began marketing the model under the label FINE ART AUTO UNION. 17 models were completed from 1982 to 1986, when Carlo Brianza died from a heart attack. The blue prints and casting molds were scattered around Italy in the hands of suppliers and helpers, so production ceased. At present these models are owned by VW, Audi and a few private collectors all over the world. In the media they are usually referred to as the Brianza AUTO UNION.

One of these 1:10 FINE ART AUTO UNION Type D is on display at the recently opened Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt, Germany.

In 1999, Andras Noszvai, a hungarian model collector and clock dealer, contacted Martin Schroeder suggesting that the high quality AUTO UNION model series be resurrected. He suggested that the first continuation model be Rosemeyer's 1936 Nürburgring German Grand Prix winning Type C, but this time in the larger 1:8 scale.

Noszvai has a close relationship with the most skilled scale model builders in Hungary.Since there is little work available at present in the eastern countries because of the economic situation, these model builders are happy to put all possible efforts into the AUTO UNION 1:8 project

Audi Tradition is very enthusiastic about the possibility of a limited series of high quality models of their famous Type C. They supported the project by authorizing the brand name, AUTO UNION 1:8.They also permitted detailed measurements of their Type C car.

The project began in November 1999, with the detailed measurement of the Crossthwaite & Gardiner built Type C.

The presentation of the AUTO UNION Type C is scheduled for Techno Classica Essen in April 2006 at the Audi stand.

The goal is to set a new standard in building small series of high quality collectors models in the larger 1:8 scale.

You are invited to follow the creation and development of the AUTO UNION 1:8 Type C 1936